Gail is a seasoned Irish actress and is 5′ 8″ (173cm) tall. She holds a full driving licence.

Gail is cast in “BRING THEM DOWN” (post-production) a feature film written and directed by Christopher Andrews and produced by Ivana MacKinnion (TUESDAY, BEAST, SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE). The film stars Christopher Abbott, Barry Keoghan, and Colm Meaney.

Her screen credits also include “TWIG” (DIFF 2024) written and directed by Marian Quinn, Ciaran Creagh’s film “ANN” (DIFF 2023/RTE), Virgin Media’s serial drama “RED ROCK”, The Irish feature film “KISSING CANDICE” directed by Aoife McArdle, Orion Productions’ feature film “THE LIMIT OF” directed by Alan Mulligan, Season 2 of SKY Television’s “PENNY DREADFUL” directed by James Hawes, the RTE Television drama “WHISTLEBLOWER”, the Irish TV series “PURE MULE”, Channel 4’s “FATHER TED”, the feature film “STRENGTH AND HONOUR” directed by Mark Mahon, “STELLA DAYS” directed by Thaddeus O Sullivan, and the “THE RUNNING MATE” directed by Declan Recks.

CV available on request.