Denise McCormack


Denise is a Dublin based actress and is 5′ 3″ (160cm) tall.

She’s cast in the supporting role of ‘Sarah’ in “BLACK CAB” a 4 x 60 dark drama for Channel 5 which although set in Liverpool is in production in Dublin until mid-Dec. Directed by Irish director Diarmuid Goggins the series is being produced by the same team that was behind Channel 5’s highly acclaimed television drama ‘Witness Number Three’, Story Films’ execs David Nath & Sam Tipper-Hale.

Denise also plays the supporting role of ‘Sandra’ in Stephen Jones’s TV Series “NORTHERN LIGHTS” which wrapped filming in Dublin at the end of October.

Her screens credits also include the supporting role of ‘Kate’ in “DER IRELAND KRIMI” a 2 x 90min episode series for ARD channel in Germany, the supporting role of ‘Jenny Lawlor’ in the first season of RTE Television’s crime drama “KIN”, the lead female in Cluster Fox Films feature film “THE BLACK GUELPH” directed by John Connors, ‘Stacey’s Mam’ in Rachel Carey’s feature film “DEADLY CUTS”, ‘Amanda’ in Workshed’s feature film “LET THE WRONG ONE IN” directed by Conor McMahon, the BBC television drama “THE MALLORCA FILES”, the BBC soap drama “EASTENDERS”, and all four seasons of the Irish television serial drama “RED ROCK.

Theatre credits include The Abbey Theatre’s “HOME: PART ONE” project, ‘Anita’ in TKB’s play “REARING IS SPARING” (Dublin Theatre Festival), and multiple roles in Tracey Martin’s play “DUBLIN WILL SHOW YOU HOW” directed by Vanessa Fielding which ran on The Abbey Theatre’s Peacock stage and in The Complex Arts Centre.