Paul is from Dublin and is based there, he is 6′ (183cm) tall.

Paul plays the supporting role of  ‘Mr. Jenkins’ in the feature film “NIGHTMAN” (post-production) a psychological horror directed by French Colombian director Merlanie Delloye, and produced by ENTRE CHIEN ET LOUP a Belgian production company.

Paul’s screen credits also include “THE LETTERS” (Feature Film) directed by Rob Walsh, “A SUNKEN PLACE” (Feature Film) directed by Ronan O’Leary, “GAME OF THRONES” (Television) directed by Jeremy Podeswa, “VIKINGS S4” (Television) directed by Ciaran Donnelly, “RED ROCK” (Television) directed by Matt Carter, “PENNY DREADFUL” (Television) directed by J. A. Bayona, “WITHOUT NAME” (Feature Film) directed by Lorcan Finnegan, and “VIKINGS S1”. directed by Ken Girotti.